Welcome to No Uptime!

Hello and welcome!

This will be a place where I post about things that interest me, which is quite a lot actually. It will mostly be about computer and technology related topics, like GNU/Linux, free software, self-hosting, privacy, anonymity, and information security. Maybe something about programming too, we'll see. Hopefully some of the stuff I write about will be helpful and interesting to others.

Why the website named "No Uptime"? I like the name and the domain (noupti.me), and at the same time I try not to take this stuff too serious. No Uptime is a hobby project, so no 99.99 % uptime guarantee. I'll try to post content people find interesting, hopefully, but I'm not the most knowledgeable IT guy in the world. I will also try to keep the uptime somewhat high (when I'm not breaking stuff).

You can read more about this blog and me on the About page.

No Uptime

No Uptime

I'm the only author on this blog and I do all the administration stuff. I guess that makes me the administrator.
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