My IT Goals for 2021

We're already in Q2 of 2021, but I want to scribble down my some of my goals for 2021. What do I want to improve on?

  • Move from GNU nano to Vim. I already use both GNU nano and Vim, even Emacs at times, but I want to move on to use Vim as my daily command line editor and get comfortable using it. I have to spend more time with Vim to find out if that's what I want to keep using.
  • Get better programming with JavaScript, including working more with Node.js and React. Working more with the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js) is my goal really. I have a project I'm working on, which I should continue. It's a movie database where I log which movies I have watched, movies I want to watch, and rating them.
  • Getting a better understanding of Docker. I know the basics and probably more than that. I work with Docker for running quite a few applications on my servers. I want to look into some more advanced use and podman. Maybe I will look into dockerizing my own applications that I make and automate the building, deploying and backup workflow.
  • Work on my Git workflow. My Git workflow is pretty basic and I want to get better at using the tool. I have Gitea running on a server of mine, so I will explore the power of Gitea and Git in more depth.

And there are a few other areas I will focus more on in the months ahead, because of my job. It aligns with my personal interests, so that's pretty nice. The goals to get better at my job is the following: Upping my information security (including risk management) skills. Spending more time working with Oracle and it's SQL implementation. Oracle is not my favorite company, but I'm not the one who chose their relational database management system. We also work with PostgreSQL, which isn't that bad.

I might follow up on the goals and topics above in blog posts in the future, to aid my learning and to share what I learned.

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