This page will contain some useful links to some projects and things I enjoy. I hope you can find something interesting.

This list contains mostly open soruce/free software projects.


The Linux Command Line: A solid book for learning the command line in GNU/Linux distributions. You can download the digital version of the book for free.

Qubes OS: A distribution that aims to provide security through isolation.

Tails: A privacy- and anonymity focused distribution that implements Tor and runs as a live distribution from a USB stick, DVD or similar.

Free Software Projects

The KDE Project: A free software project/community. The community is probably best known for developing the Plasma Desktop and KDE Frameworks.

Nextcloud: A platform for hosting and sharing your data. You can extend the functionality a lot by simply installing apps.

Syncthing: Peer-to-peer file synchronization. A decentralized alternative to proprietary cloud services.

Tor Project: Anonymity online. Defend yourself against tracking and surveillance. Circumvent censorship.

Mastodon: A decentralized social network. A microblogging platform.

Information Security and Hacking

Root Me: Hacking and Information Security learning platform.

Web Security Academy: Free, online web security training from the creators of Burp Suite.

Awesome Hacking: A collection of various awesome lists for hackers, pentesters and security researchers. So a list of list of interesting stuff.

Digital Privacy

Privacy Tools: Provides knowledge and tools to protect your privacy against global mass surveillance.

PRISM Break: Find privacy and security-aware alternatives to proprietary software.

Signal: A cross-platform end-to-end-encrypted messaging application. Signal can be used for chatting one-to-one, but also to have group conversations, for sending files and have video conversations.


Real Python: Python tutorials.

ZetCode: Tutorials for programmers.

Edabit: Learn to code with interactive challenges.

System Administration

Awesome Sysadmin: A list of sysadmin resources.


tldr: Simplified man pages.

F-Droid: An Android app and an app repository. Find open source apps for your Android phone.