This is a place where I post about things that interest me, which is quite a lot actually. It will mostly be about computer and technology related topics, like GNU/Linux, free software, privacy, anonymity, and information security. Maybe something about programming too. We will see. Hopefully some of the stuff I write about is helpful to others.

Who am I?

That's not that important. Let's keep the focus on the content here, not who I am.

Why the Website Name "No Uptime"?

I like the name and the domain (noupti.me), and at the same time I try not to take this stuff too seriously. I will try to post some interesting content here, but I'm not the most hardcore IT guy in the world. I will try to keep the uptime somewhat high (when I'm not breaking stuff).

My Skills

* GNU/Linux system administration.
* Web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python). Front-end and back-end.
* Python programming (scripts, no graphical user interfaces).
* Knowledge about digital privacy, anonymity and information security.